I've always been twitchy about supplements; between the negative connotations from steroids and the perceived high costs I could always justify my paranoia. It got so bad that after I started training I would walk as far away from the supplement aisle in my local pharmacy because I didn't want people thinking I was ‘using’. Unfortunately however despite my efforts and reasoning against reality struck at some point that despite my ability to work harder and go further at the gym I had reached my ‘maximum’ in terms of gains and strength. My frequent injuries and long recovery periods also didn't help in justifying my paranoia, while initially gym had been my source of energy I started to feel excessively fatigued and exercise became a dreaded chore. I was forced to investigate my nemesis!

The article below documents my experiences which can benefit you if you are considering venturing to this territory. It contains some background information, basic guidelines, supplement categories as well as where to shop.

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I’ve always had an issue with eating raw fruit. Between the sticky hands post pealing an orange or the trouble of having to separate the seeds from the edible parts of a grape I could always find a reason to steer clear of fruit. Unfortunately however despite my insistent objection to fruit everyone I knew to know something about the subject told me there’s no better substitute for the fruit. Between the nutrients that got lost in the processing of fruit juices, the fibre you miss when you opt for the vitamin tablets and unnatural additives on fruit products I couldn't deny they were right so I looked for a way to force myself to eat fruit.

A smoothie proved to be the solution. Between the use of natural fruit and the convenience of drinking your daily fruit requirements in a glass I could see why. Things only got better when I saw the amount of flavours one can play with and blend their favourite ingredients to make a beverage suitable for any season and mood. Unfortunately however I also discovered the limitations that come with being reliant on store bought smoothies, whether it be the excess sugar from the ice cream they sometimes use instead of yogurt or having to go out of the house to buy the smoothie. So after reading and consulting with those that knew their way better than me in the kitchen I have the following points I’d like for you to follow to a perfect smoothie;

The article covers the basics you need for your smoothie;

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